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As we now know, thousands of people have been killed, injured and forced to sleep in the rain and cold after a catastrophic 7.8 magnitude earthquake

The quake struck southeast Turkey (officially known as Türkiye) and Syria, followed by another large earthquake only hours later. 

  • Thousands of deaths have been reported in Turkey and the death toll is increasing. 
  • Freezing winter temperatures is only adding to the devastation, as the thousands left injured, trapped or homeless are stuck in bitter cold and freezing rain.
  • The quakes caused devastation throughout, where entire buildings collapsed, leaving people trapped under the rubble. 

Child Support is proud to announce our first donation today will be sent to help provide urgent aid and assistance to vulnerable children in communities affected by the earthquake in Turkey. 

Our community has amassed a significant amount in a few short days – 13.22 BNB ($4200 USD) that we have donated today to the people of Türkiye. The funds will provide life-saving essentials, such as food rations, clean water and emergency shelter for thousands of children affected by these terrible events.


Nearly 4 million orphans in Pakistan are living in poverty without education, health care and food. Child Support Global is working to provide education, health, and food to uplift social conditions of orphans.

Thank you to all community memebers and to those who have been there for us to help us achieve these amazing mile stones. Last week we were able to help Turkeys disaster efforts and this week we are pleased to ANNOUNCE that we were able to get straight to the source and deliver food directly to ORPHANAGE in Pakistan👧🧒
Let’s thank @CSmurtaza Murtaza for being able to make this happen and directly visited and delivered food to the Orphange. This is just the start and as we grow these type of operations will be daily occurance. LFG


Another amazing milestone. Nearly a month old and have made a another great impact in children’s lives.
We are pleased to announce that child support has made donation to Children donation indonesia Panti Asuhan Cahaya Hati (Yayasan Cahaya Hati Mutiara Madani). We would like to also thank @Hao_KingShaman for making it possible. Thank you Child Support Community. LFG